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This product is made from fine quality Ginger mainly accompanied by a variety of warm through the cold and dampness valuable natural Chinese herbal medicine, according to traditional Chinese medicine theory combined with modern medical research, carefully prepared. Its active ingredient through the skin penetration and absorption, promote blood circulation, regulate body functions reach deodorant relieve itching, fatigue, Wen Wei Han, rheumatism, kill the effect of the fungus can keep warm gradually cold, warm feet and stretch themselves to relax physically and mentally, to eliminate the fatigue and the journey of Lawton, improve sleep quality, and is conducive to the physical recovery, and allows you to maintain health and vitality.

The main recipe: ginger powder, herb, cloves, cinnamon, saffron, indium, honeysuckle, Sophia, pepper, two dozen rare Chinese herbal medicine.

30 Minute.......$55
60 Minute.......$110
90 Minute.......$150
120 Minute.......$180

Address:2729 Wilson Blvd Arlington VA 22201
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